Taxicab to the Airport Tips : Going to or from cerrittos to airports LAX-SNA-JWA-LGB
Domestic and International travellers using a taxi cab to get to the airport for domestic flights should always book their cab with a time allowance for travel AND enough time for any contingency.  This BUFFER should provide you with enough security to withstand coming to a complete stop due to traffic, with allowance for side streets.  A good rule of thumb is to allow double the regular transit time + half and hour.

If your taking a taxicab for a flight, make sure you contact your airline for updates on security checkpoints and check in wait times.

Taxi cab To or From Cerritos to LAX or Los Angeles International Airport   

Taxi cab To or From Cerritos to SNA or Orange County Airport  

Taxi cab To or From Cerritos to JWA  - John Wayne Airport  

Taxi cab To or From Cerritos to LGB  -  Long Beach Airport

How Much Will A Taxi Cab cost From Cerritos To

Shuttle like Minivan Taxis:  Better ride, better service, more room for luggage to the Airport.
Fit your family into bucket seats with a newer van cab or use the bench seats which comfortably seat up to six taxicab passengers and their luggage.  Not only are our shuttle like cabs better than a regular shuttle (via price), we go non stop and direct to the airport, with lower flat rates when 2 or more ride.  Theres only one price charged, not a per person charge...

Taxi Dispatch - Book - Reserve - Order A Taxi Cab
We use Digital Dispatch Systems Taxitrack to ensure the highest level of service to you.  All reservations are tracked via computer.  Each taxi is monitored using GPS to ensure reliable services.  If you order a taxi and call for the status, the operator should be able to give you an update within a few hundred feet of his or her location.  The closest available cab is sent, which results in a minutes response. 

Avoid smaller operators who use notebook and pencil through a network of cellphones.  There is no safe way to verify trips and ensure the best possible outcome of a trip.  The lack of gps dispatch also creates problems when your driver ends up missing.

Taxi Service In Cerritos
Cerritos is a small town of 50,000 in between a strategic location off the junction of the 605 and 105 freeway vicinity.  It serves as a perfect in between the counties of Orange and Los Angeles counties.  It is well known for the Cerritos Mall and the Cerritos Auto Mall.  Taxi service is considered light in the city, with primary use by airport passengers and seniors needing non emergency medical transportation.  Most taxi companies serving the city are not based in Cerritos.  Taxicabs are based throughout other service areas, although they may be stationed at the mall or as a standby location for other cities.

" Cerritos Yellow Cab and Taxi  -
Taxi In Cerritos "

Cerritos Yellow Cab
Taxi Telephone #  (800)469-8294

Cerritos Taxi & Yellow Cab Service
A White & Yellow Cab Inc.  OCTAP #14
Cerritos Yellow Cab and Limousine Services // 
Official Taxi Cab of Cerritos Dial A Ride - Zip code 90703

Cerritos Based Taxi Yellow Cab units:  Get a Taxi in Cerritos!

County based, worldwide known, 1(800)4MY-TAXI is a premier Yellow Cab Service.  Contact a taxi cab through our easy local number (562)430-2890.  Ask for a minivan yellow cab van to get a low cost airport transportation solution, where 6 people for the price of one vs. a regular cab.   We have Orange County's largest taxi fleet, with the most minivan taxis.  Our cabs are stationed in Cerritos for faster response and are able to facilitate your taxi reservations on time - with a high level of efficiency.  Digital Dispatch Computers are used in all vehicles.

Book or Reserve A Cerritos Airport Taxi , Get information on shuttles and other taxis to avoid problems when going to the airport with the best rate !

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The NON Shuttle - Taxi in Cerritos !    Better Service - Better Rates

Airport Taxi / Yellow Cab :  To LAX, SNA, JWA, LGB, Burbank - From Cerritos, CA.
You name it, we do it!  We are the most popular taxi fleet in between Orange County and Los Angeles County, specializing in 6 passenger minivan cabs that you can schedule for airport transportation or nights on the town. Reservations are all computerized, with in cab computer GPS Dispatching.  Yellow Cab makes it happen with reliable, on time shuttle like service - without the shuttle shuffle.  Go non-stop in one of our newer Chrysler Town & Country van taxis or a Ford Freestar minivan taxicab.
City of Cerritos  :   Dial A Ride

The Cerritos Dial A Ride gives curb to curb shared ride transportation for Cerritos residents with disabilities and seniors, age 55 or older. Dial-A-Ride taxicab service is provided to and from any destination within Cerritos, Artesia, and portions of La Palma and Norwalk (Tier 1). In addition, Dial-A-Ride taxis provide service to and from any medical facility or hospital within a three-mile radius of Tier 1 boundaries (Tier 2), and also to City approved medical facilities and hospitals outside Tier 2 boundaries (Tier 3).

Hours of operation
Taxis operate from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, except on major holidays. All taxi vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

Taxi or Dial A Ride Reservations
Reservations are required for all Dial-A-Ride taxi trips, and can be made up to 48 hours in advance by calling toll-free (866) 402-RIDE or (562) 402-7433. Same day reservations may be provided, subject to vehicle availability. If you need to cancel an existing reservation, please dial the number provided above.

Dial-A-Ride van Dial-A-Ride van Dial-A-Ride van  PHONE NUMBER

*Please note that although the taxi vehicles are marked with adhesive logos identifying the phone number as (800) 4MY-TAXI, Cerritos Dial-A-Ride reservations can only be made through the Dial-A-Ride reservation line by calling toll-free (866) 402-RIDE or (562) 402-7433. Any reservations made by calling the alternative number will not be a part of the Cerritos Dial A Ride program and will not be subsidized accordingly.
Taxi and Yellow Cab
Discount Coupon
Savings on rates to the airport, like lax, oc airport, jwa, long beach airport, lgb...

Valid only with metered taxi rates, not available with flat rates...

Cerritos Taxi Cab Services The Following Areas, To and From Cerritos Under The Dial A Ride Program
For Cerritos Residents Authorized and Approved.
Downey, Santa Fe Springs, La Mirada, Norwalk, Bellflower, Lakewood, Long Beach, Buena Park, Cypress, Hawaiian Gardens, and La Palma